Thursday, May 16, 2013

How observant are we?

How much do we take in? Are we watching everything? Our kids are, that's for sure. They are very observant and they should be. That's how they learn. And, because they are in tune to so much around them, it's a very important reason for parents to shield their children from the harmful parts of our culture.

Angie's beautiful children

     Angie, a mom I know shared with me recently that she came down with a virus and ended up with laryngitis. She said, "I have to whisper in order to let my vocal cords heal, so all the kids are whispering back to me. It’s very quiet. The Lord is showing me just how much my children mimic me! What a task He has trusted me with, to raise these children!"

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I pray your day is filled with joy as you observe all of God's wonderful blessings around you!

God bless you and yours!

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  1. The same thing happened to me. I came down with laryngitis the last 3 days of Lent, which was rather amusing because for Lent I decided I would listen more intently to people and talk less. Well, it wasn’t going so well so I guess God gave me that nudge that I needed. I lost my voice entirely for 3 days and with 3 little ones it made for a great learning experience. Learning experience for me…I better appreciated how my children interacted together and so lovingly wanted to help me.
    God bless,
    New follower