Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catholic Mom's Cafe review: "The author's way of writing is delicate, practical and to the point."

"I love this book. I received it on Nov. 11th and read the "ponder, offer, pray, & savor" for that day and was hooked. I look forward to this every day and it is inspiring to say the least. The "savor" is helpful because it really does stay with you through the day. It helps you know what you will be spiritually conscious of as you go about the day. The author's way of writing is delicate, practical and to the point. It's wonderful to know there are women like this still out there. A joy to read and very relatable for anyone. I like how the prayers are in the front of the book to reference back to. I feel I'm actually doing something structured and purposeful for the Lord when I'm short on time. This would make a GREAT gift for anyone." [Review as seen on Amazon]

Monday, November 17, 2014

Catholic Mom's Cafe DVD Set

EWTN is making the DVD set of the Catholic Mom's Cafe television series available in their Religious Catalogue. I also have the DVD set available at my website.

Here's a description from EWTN:

A wealth of information from veteran host and author Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle - news, statistics, facts, tips and Scripture helps to keep the whole family more aware and prayful in today's world. Topics discussed in this EWTN Home Video include: The Skinny on Catholic Fashion; Kids and Culture; Going it Alone; Upholding Dignity Through Contradictions; and Dealing with Loss Through Miscarriage. 2 discs / 2.5 hrs. (CC) 

Contest winners will be announced

I'll be announcing the winners to all of the recent contests very soon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Update on Catholic Mom's Cafe shows and contest winners!


On the set of Catholic Mom's Cafe with Karen Edmisten

Did you see any of the shows last week in my new series Catholic Mom's Cafe? Please share your thoughts in the comments below on this blog. Also, please tell EWTN by "liking," "sharing," and leaving a comment on their posts on their Face book page. here is one here but if you go to the page and scroll through, you'll see others as well pertaining to the other shows. You can simply leave a comment on this link and mention any of the shows you saw or simply refer to the series: https://www.facebook.com/ewtnonline/photos/a.157114462581.116591.34701792581/10152515290767582/?type=1&pnref=story

You can also send EWTN an email to "viewer services" and type "Catholic Mom's Cafe" in the subject line since they receive a lot of emails. :) You can send your comment about the show to: viewer@ewtn.com EWTN will ultimately decide about continuing the Catholic Mom's Cafe series based on the favorable responses to the show. Thank you in advance for expressing your thoughts to them. It truly helps.

I hope you will take a moment to let EWTN know that you have enjoyed the shows. You can see more about the contests by scrolling through the previous posts. It's fine to enter even now. :)

I will be picking winners for the contests soon!

God bless you and keep you!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday at Catholic Mom's Cafe

On the set of Catholic Mom's Cafe with Lisa Mladinich

It's not too late to enter the contests, everyone! This past week many Moms have had their hands full, contending with all kinds of challenges including sick kiddies, and more. You know what I mean. :) So, feel free to scroll back and look at the previous posts to enter the contests. I'd love to see the short videos (see directions for that in previous emails) and reviews of my books listed. Those get entered into the GRAND prize contests!

So, get your entries in please and I'll get back to you about the deadline. I'm letting it slide a little right now. :) I hope you have enjoyed this week's shows in my 5-part mini-series. Please remember to leave a comment on the EWTN's face book posts (provided in the previous posts on this blog) and also emails to them at viewer services (provided in previous posts). That greatly helps.

May God greatly bless your domestic churches!

God bless you and keep you!