Saturday, January 4, 2014

Delicious gluten-free pizza on the grill!

Our oven isn't working and we recently had a hankering for home-made gluten-free pizza. We love the pizza crust from "Against the Grain." The crust consists of a few different cheeses and various gluten-free grains and is the most delicious gluten-free pizza crust we have tried--certainly not like the cardboard consistency of the others.

I assembled two pizzas. I used Newman's Own tomato basil spaghetti sauce as the base since I happened to have that in the cupboard. I put some turkey meatballs (cut up) and some sliced turkey sausage on both. I added two small chopped red onions (which my daughter grew) and about 5 cloves of organic minced garlic (which I grew). I tossed on a few sliced organic grape tomatoes. I sprinkled shredded cheeses over the top without smothering the pizza. A little grinding of fresh pepper and a tiny sprinkle of sea salt topped it off. If we had fresh basil around I would have added some. If I had some fresh spinach or other veggies, I might have added them. I was using what I could find in our refrigerator (being snowed in and needing to use what we had on hand).

We then popped them into the preheated gas grill and closed the lid.

Yes, that's snow you see under the grill.
Pizzas just going on the grill set at 375 degrees (or so!)

Checking the pizza at about 5 minutes (almost ready already!)

Ready to slice and serve with fresh organic salad--yum!
We took it out of the grill after about 8 minutes. It's tough to
maintain an accurate grill temperature but you can keep an eye on the pizza.
If you bake in your conventional oven, the pizzas need about 15 minutes at 375 degrees.
Do you have a gluten-free or healthy recipe to share? Feel free to do so in the comment box below.

God bless!