Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday on Catholic Mom's Cafe plus contests!


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So, there's lots of buzz going on with the launch of my new TV series on EWTN Catholic Mom's Cafe. I am running contests all week during the launch week (after running them all month too). Here's a blog post from yesterday about the contests. Check it out to see the prizes, etc.

To be entered into the contests to win, chocolate, coffee, pampering, lots of books, a cool Williams Sonoma gift card, and more (which are shown in the link above), watch the shows this week. Here's a description of the shows and guests:

What's on the menu today? 

Today's guest is Woodeene Koenig Bricker. We discuss single motherhood. The first show aired this morning at 3:00 AM ET and will air again at 6:30 PM ET tonight.

Here's a little video promo of today's show: 

Single motherhood

Here's what you need to do to be entered into the cool drawings this week:

1) Watch the shows so you can answer a question from me and be entered.

2) To be entered into the contests, please "like" my face book pages: Catholic Mom's Cafe:

3) To be entered into the  GRAND PRIZE contests, please write a review (can be very short if need be) for Amazon for any of my "Mom" books you have read or are reading, which are listed right below the next sentence. This also helps a great deal to let potential readers of the book to know what others have thought about them.

4) Create a short video of your children doing a good deed (yes, it can be staged to illustrate your point).

  • Catholic Mom's Cafe: 5-Minute Retreats for Every Day of the Year 
  • Embracing Motherhood 
  • The Domestic Church: Room By Room: A Mother's Study Guide 
  • Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers  
  • A Catholic Woman's Book of Prayers  
  • The Heart of Motherhood: Finding Holiness in the Catholic Home 
  • Prayerfully Expecting: A Nine Month Novena for Mothers to Be 
  • Rooted in Love: Our Calling as Catholic Women
  • Grace Cafe: Serving up Recipes for Faithful Mothering

  • After leaving a review today or sometime this week, or after "liking" my Facebook pages, or after answering the question about the show each day, LEAVE a comment on this blog post or any of the posts this week telling me what you have done. THEN, please email me ( the answer to the question, or the review, or telling me that you "liked" the pages.

    You may enter more than once all throughout this week!

    THE QUESTION ABOUT TODAY'S SHOW IS: What is one of the suggestions given on today's show "Single Motherhood"?  PLEASE DO NOT answer in the comment section of this blog. Rather, leave a comment on this blog to tell me that you are emailing me with the answer. So, I'd like to hear from you in two places--this blog (telling me what you are doing to enter), and in an email ( please, to give me your answer or other. The subject line should be "Catholic Mom's Cafe contest." Then, you will be entered into these contests!

    TO BE ENTERED INTO THE CONTEST FOR THE GRAND PRIZE: Write a review for my books (described above) and/or create a short 3 to 5 minute video of your children doing a good deed. You can easily do it with your Smart phone. It doesn't need to look professional! :) Let me know in the comments on this blog that you have done so or will do so by week's end and then send the video to me by email: The subject line should be, "Catholic Mom's Cafe video contest."

    Please consider subscribing to my email newsletter(s) which is easily done through my website:

    Enjoy the shows...God bless you!



    1. Hi Donna-Marie, I was able to get dinner on early tonight so I could catch your show again! You'll be receiving an email from me shortly. Peace, Margie

    2. Just dropped in, Donna-Marie, to see how you are doing, and I find you are as busy, if not busier, than ever.
      God bless you, dear friend. Union of prayers always!

      1. I'm glad you stopped by Lorraine. You were just in my thoughts and prayers, especially at Mass. :)

    3. Hi Donna-Marie, sent you an email. It's been a great week of shows! I'm leaving a review on Amazon tonight for, "Catholic Prayer book for Mothers" and "Catholic Mom's Cafe".

    4. Hi Donna-Marie,
      Great week of shows, Sending an email.