Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday at Catholic Mom's Cafe

On the set of Catholic Mom's Cafe with Lisa Mladinich

It's not too late to enter the contests, everyone! This past week many Moms have had their hands full, contending with all kinds of challenges including sick kiddies, and more. You know what I mean. :) So, feel free to scroll back and look at the previous posts to enter the contests. I'd love to see the short videos (see directions for that in previous emails) and reviews of my books listed. Those get entered into the GRAND prize contests!

So, get your entries in please and I'll get back to you about the deadline. I'm letting it slide a little right now. :) I hope you have enjoyed this week's shows in my 5-part mini-series. Please remember to leave a comment on the EWTN's face book posts (provided in the previous posts on this blog) and also emails to them at viewer services (provided in previous posts). That greatly helps.

May God greatly bless your domestic churches!

God bless you and keep you!


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