Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My third guest on Catholic Mom's Cafe!

I am very happy to introduce my third guest Lisa Mladinich. Lisa will be my guest on the segment "The Skinny on Catholic Fashion."

Lisa Mladinich
Lisa Mladinich is a Catholic wife and mother, catechist and workshop leader, and the author of the popular booklets, "Be An Amazing Catechist: Inspire the Faith of Children," and "Be an Amazing Catechist: Sacramental Preparation" available from Our Sunday Visitor. She is a columnist at and the founder of both Catholic Writers and Artists of Long Island, an organization that creates networking and enrichment events, and, a website devoted to providing encouragement and community to all who teach the Catholic faith. 

She is also the creator of"Paradox Puppets," a free online resource for catechetical puppet scripts featured at A former actress, Lisa has taught secular workshops for children in writing, acting and improvisation, puppetry, literacy, and character development, and improvisation for professional adult actors. 

But her passion is teaching catechists and parents what a joy it can be to teach the Catholic faith accurately and memorably. Catechists’ Website: Lisa's column:


  1. She looks as amazing as she sounds! Nice to know there are women like her out there sharing the Catholic faith.

  2. Finola, what a sweet thing to say. I think Lisa is pretty AMAZING! :) I hope you can tune in to my new television series, "Catholic Mom's Cafe" and see for yourself.

  3. Thank you so much, Donna-Marie! And thank you, Finola! God bless you!

    I feel so blessed to be a part of this beautiful new effort!

    Easter blessings to all!

  4. It's going on my calendar! Can't wait to watch you two lovely Catholic ladies!

  5. Looking forward to meeting you in person, Lisa!