Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eleventh stop along my blog tour!

Catholic Mom’s Café is open for business!

Catholic moms, you are in for a treat!
EWTN host and best-selling author, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, has a new TV series and a book to match, and I am very proud to announce them both!
CafeBOOKcoverDMCOBCatholic Mom’s Café is the title of her terrific new book (available now) and her new television series of the same name, which will premiere on EWTN some time in the near future! (Watch local listings for your area.)
As a busy mother of five, Donna-Marie understands that our hectic lives make it difficult to find time for prayer and reflection; so her new book provides 365 five-minute mini-retreats that highlight faith, hope, and love, in an engaging and flexible format that any woman can adapt to meet her own needs.
Like everything Donna-Marie sets her heart and hands to do,Catholic Mom’s Café is geared toward real women, coping with real-world problems. Her work is clear, Catholic, and always encouraging. Here is some of what you’ll find in her book:
Motherhood is a miraculous vocation – sometimes the miracle is just making it through the day!
Let’s face it: being a mom is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes we just hit the ground running without giving our faith a second thought. This collection of quick “mini-retreats for moms” can change all that.
Consider these your spiritual “daily vitamins” that will energize you and help you find the faith, hope, and love you’ll need to be the mom God wants you to be – today and every day.
• Ponder quotes from the Bible and other spiritual readings
• Offer yourself to the Lord through an easy activity or idea
• Pray suggested prayers that match the daily theme
• Savor a little “sound bite” to carry throughout the day
The first five episodes of the EWTN series were filmed last week in Irondale, Alabama, and I was honored to be one of Donna-Marie’s first guests, talking about modesty and how we can adapt today’s fashions in a way that supports our dignity as children of God.Lisa_and_DonnaMarie_EWTN
I was very humbled to be included with her four other, wonderful guests: Lisa Hendey, Karen Edmisten, Marge Fenelon, and Woodene Koenig-Bricker, discussing a wide variety of topics, all near and dear to any mother’s heart. (For more information on the guests and their topics, head over to theblog!)
So join the conversation at Donna-Marie’sCatholic Mom’s Café blog, where you’ll find all the updates and featured links to reviews and news on both the book and the TV series; and stop by and “like” the Catholic Mom’s Café on Facebook, where Donna-Marie will share ideas, book excerpts, reviews, inspiration, news, and recipes!
Here’s a link to Donna-Marie’s recent interview on EWTN Live, with Father Mitch Pacwa, where she shares lots more about the book and the TV series!
Personally autographed copies of the book are available at Donna-Marie’s website, but you can also order (non autographed) copies at Our Sunday VisitorBarnes &,
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