Friday, January 11, 2013

My New EWTN Television Show: Catholic Mom's Cafe!

It's getting exciting! I have been introduced recently to my lovely EWTN producer and we have been plotting and planning to get every detail just right for my segments in my five-part mini-series, "Catholic Mom's Cafe" on EWTN television.

My first five wonderful guests are all lined up. I'll announce them as we get closer. We'll all meet at the EWTN network in just a few months to tape the shows. I'll be sure to keep you posted about the show as we progress.

By the way, if the show goes well and folks like it, I believe I will do additional segments of this show for EWTN. Please keep this endeavor in your prayers.

This brand new blog is dedicated to bringing you news about my new EWTN television show specifically created to inspire and nourish the hearts and souls of Catholic moms everywhere, as well as to bring you news about my upcoming book, Catholic Mom's Cafe (releasing in March) which I wrote for the same reasons! You can see this new book in the right hand side bar of this blog.

I'll be posting all kinds of fun and helpful things here, as well as Catholic "tools," recipes, and advice for moms.

So, feel free to "follow" this blog and "like" the Face Book page too.

Please also spread the word to your mom friends and family. I'd love this to be a place to meet and share the Faith!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! After all, we are all on this amazing journey of Faith together! Feel free to leave a comment.

Bye for now...God bless!



  1. I've no doubt that both your program and your book will be very successful! There are so many of us Catholic moms who benefit from your insights, Donna, and who share your appreciation for our wonderful vocation. Thanks for continuing to inspire us in this new year!

    1. Celeste, you are so kind. I hope and pray to do just that - by God's grace, to help affirm Catholic moms and Grand-moms too, in their wonderful and amazing vocation of motherhood. Please pray for this endeavor. God bless you!

  2. Donna-Marie I am really looking forward to watching this show. You have such a warm manner and articulate Church teaching so practically, you will certainly lift up many souls.

    1. Leticia, thanks so much for your warm words of encouragement! It is all for HIS glory - please pray for this endeavor. God bless you!