Monday, June 23, 2014

It's time: Mom-ism Monday # 2: Mother's sanity, Flea Market find, book award!

1) Summer is here!

Are you keeping your sanity intact? How about your prayer life? It's a bit challenging with a changing schedule and dynamics in the household. Here's an article I wrote that you'll hopefully enjoy.

2) My daughter visited this past week end!

We went to a huge flea market...

on a very beautiful day...

It was fun to poke around and look at the interesting things as well as the very interesting people! I'll try to share a funny story soon about an older man and a little girl and their conversation overheard at the flea market.

I ended up buying this cute little cabinet (for a very nice price)...

I plan to paint it. But, first I placed it in the space where I think it will stay--upstairs in the hallway outside the main bathroom. 

My daughter and I also visited a huge library book fair that we enjoy in a cute little town we like to visit. We poked around, bought a few books and enjoyed a healthy lunch together before heading back home.

3) My youngest son is on a music tour with his band. He's traveling around the East Coast. You can be sure these mother's prayers are certainly with him for safety as he travels. 

ALSO, on Friday night the Catholic Press Association awarded Third Place in "Family Life" to me for my book Catholic Mom's Cafe: 5-Minute Retreats for Every Day of the Year! I feel very honored to have received this prestigious award. I pray that the book (published by Our Sunday Visitor) will serve countless heroic Moms, GrandMoms, GodMoms, and more as they work out their salvation (and that of others!) in their domestic churches!

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  1. My mommyism moment came when I calld into a radio station to defend the Pro-life candidate in our Congressional race, stating that her opponent was using code words like "Women's health" to hide the fact that he is Pro-choice. If he didn't believe that babies in the womb deserve protection then nothing else he does amounts to anything because the basic right to life comes first. My chikdren found a tiny Miraculous Medal in their room and brought it to me this morning and I took it to mean that the Blessed Mother was pleased that I defended the babies in the womb today. I don't remember where the tiny Miraculous medal came from, but the timing of them finding it was to me precious!

    1. God bless you for doing that, Jacqueline! How wonderful that a Miraculous Medal was involved!

  2. I love that you are hosting this link up! That flea market looks like fun. I need to start checking out the ones here. I haven't been in quite some time. Congrats on your book! I love it! It's part of my morning routine :)

    1. Thanks so much for participating Heather! I wonder why this link up isn't showing a thumb nail rather than just your link above. Thank you very much for your congratulations on my book award. I am so glad that you enjoy the book and use it in the mornings!