Thursday, June 12, 2014

Celebrate your "Mom-isms!"


1) Loving nature around us!

I was absolutely thrilled that Mr. and Mrs. Wren decided to build a nest in the empty bird house I hung outside my kitchen window. My kids know how much I love the birds and my oldest daughter Chaldea gave me the bird house as a gift. I was hoping that perhaps someday some sweet bird would be interested in "renting" it. It stayed vacant for a while until one day I excitedly observed a cute little bird with a small twig in its mouth sitting on the railing of my deck.
     The first twig was added and then each day in the mornings and then again in the evenings, the wrens would busily build their nest--one twig at a time.
     I plan to write another post sometime with additional photos and a little more information about how the birds go about their nest building for those who are interested.

2) Celebrating our wedding anniversary!

My husband and I celebrated a wedding anniversary recently. We enjoyed the day together which included wine tasting at a Connecticut winery. It was enjoyable and we ended up buying two very nice dessert wines to bring home and enjoy on other occasions.

We ended our day with a nice dinner in one of our favorite restaurants and even splurged for dessert which we shared. It was fresh coconut cake and passion fruit and mango sorbet--yum!

3) Helping other moms to keep prayer in their summer...

Here's my recent article in the Catholic World Report with tips about family summer prayer. I hope that you enjoy it!

This post was supposed to be about my recent "Mom-isms." And, though it doesn't necessarily appear to be that way, please keep in mind that the bird house was a gift from my daughter, and you need a marriage (hence the mention of wedding anniversary) before you can have kids (or at least that is the proper order), right?!

I hope you'll share some highlights (Mom-isms) from your past week or from any time. And then weekly, you can share and celebrate your motherhood here!


Also, feel free to right-click the "Mom-ism Mondays" image at the top of this post and save it to your pictures on your computer or device to be used in each of your "Mom-ism" posts! :)

I look forward to reading your post!


  1. This reminded me of two events in my life that were very special to me. One was when I was on retreat and I chose to sit outside in a mediation garden. I closed my eyes seeking rest and prayer. As I drank in the quiet of the moment it wasn't long before, I was rudely interrupted by a mother bird squawking at me in a nearby tree. When I looked up to my left, I saw a nest and when I looked upwards to the right I saw the mother bird. I realized I had chosen a spot too close to the nest and the mother bird was trying to draw me away with her song.
    I thought about how sometimes a mother has to leave the nest for a short time to protect her young and how the retreat I was taking was just what my family and I needed. I had felt guilty leaving my nest to go on retreat but the Lord was telling me that the retreat was just what we both needed. Children need a mom who is well rested and strong in the Lord. Thank God for retreats.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful sentiments. God bless you, Mama bird!