Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wonderful endorsement from Fr. Mitch Pacwa S. J.

So many people are so busy.
Moms find it difficult to structure a time for personal prayer, especially stay at home Moms. So many variables are beyond her control feeding and its concomitant processes in infants, illnesses, emergencies, etc. Finding time for prayer is a luxury in a world determined by the demands of others, particularly loved ones, particularly when they are little ones. This book is a handy tool to bring relief by setting aside a short time with profound and relevant meditations for Moms by a Mom. When a few quiet minutes appear, this is a great spiritual help with the cup of coffee and some time with our Lord.
Certain great saints are gourmands of the spiritual life. Doctors of the Church, such as St. Catherine of Sienna, O.P., St. Theresa of Avila, O.C.D., and many others were able to savor spiritual delights over many hours of deep and mystical prayer. The vocations opened these opportunities to them.
The vocation of motherhood opens eternal opportunities that most religious sisters miss sharing life's adventures with a man [her husband] whose love can open up a life of whole new adventures, some of whom enter the world crying, hungry, needing special consolations, including dry diapers and nursing through illnesses. 
The adventures of husbands and children generally place limits on the amount of time available for savoring spiritual nourishment. However, the quality of spiritual food need not be compromised just because the time for savoring is short. Of course, a person might snack on spiritual junk food that gives a sugary high, or a saccharine substitute for authentic spiritual sweetness, a fried potato or corn chip that fills the hunger with empty spiritual calories all of which can be found in New Age falsehoods or superficial Christianity.
On the other hand, an appetizer that tides one over until there is time for a meal can be truly healthy, delicious and full of spiritual nutrition. These short daily meditations in Catholic Mom s Café are a long table full of tasty, spiritually nutritious appetizers for the soul of a busy Mom. One can snack on them in a short period of time each day and savor the tastes in those moments that pop up between busyness. The quotes in the "Ponder" sections of this book are full of wisdom, and they have been chosen wisely. Each time one returns to those quotes, one can learn still more. The "Offer" reflections both draw out good ideas from the "Ponder" quotes and suggest things to do within family life. Enjoy, grow and find some refreshment in your busy schedule. --Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S. J.

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